May 1, 2020 By IveVibe 0

If You Love Her, There Are No Excuses For Treating Her Like Shit

When you love a girl, you do it wholeheartedly and all the way, without holding any parts of yourself back.

You don’t manipulate her into thinking you are the man you are not, you don’t lie to her, you don’t cheat on her and you don’t neglect her emotionally.

When you love a girl, you treat her accordingly. You don’t give her any promises you have no intention of fulfilling and you don’t make her beg for your attention.

You don’t deceive her with empty words and you don’t give her false hope that things will be better any time now.

You don’t play mind games, you don’t send mixed signals and you don’t make her question your feelings or doubt your intentions. You don’t leave her hanging when she needs you the most and you never make her cry intentionally.

You don’t invest halfway, while waiting for a better opportunity to arise. You don’t take advantage of her loving and caring heart and you don’t use the fact that she’ll forgive you for whatever you do.

You don’t apologize for the things you plan on repeating and you don’t blow every second chance you get. You don’t treat her as your second choice and you don’t take her for granted.

When you love a girl for real, you make sure she feels the depth of your love. You become her best friend, her lover, her protector and her partner in every sense of that word.